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More About Omega Precision

Expertise for Critical Parts and Assemblies

Omega Precision is able and ready to handle your most critical and challenging requirements. Omega Precision has produced many critical components for many programs including Fracture Critical parts for the International Space Station, the Army’s Apache Helicopter, the Air Force’s F-35 Stealth Fighter, and satellite fuel-management components for Orbital ATK.

“Omega takes on projects other suppliers won’t touch.” says one long time satisfied customer. Production Manager Rick Venegas says “We are especially skilled at machining difficult castings and forgings that are headaches for our customers until they come to Omega.”

Special Capabilities Beyond Precision Machining

In addition to precision machining, Omega Precision has the capability to produce hardware with demanding sealing requirements. Omega Precision’s ability to consistently produce high quality thin-walled covers can help eliminate assembly problems on your manufacturing floor. Quality Assurance Manager Mike Tyler says, “If your machined covers look more like potato chips than precision sealing components, then you need Omega.” Light assembly, bonding and helium leak testing are also available at Omega precision.

Five Decades of Complex Machining

Since 1965, Omega Precision has been machining complex parts using a range of materials from aluminum to Inconel. The manufacturing knowledge, gained over the past four decades, means that there is much that Omega Precision can do. Omega-produced components fly on the most advanced aircraft and spacecraft that help protect our country in the latest defense systems and orbiting satellites. “Our customers come to Omega Precision because we deliver,” says Richard M. Venegas, CEO. “We have the state-of-the-art equipment and know-how for complex, close-tolerance machining. We consistently meet our commitments for critical requirements and delivery schedules. And, we deliver on our promise of superior quality at competitive prices.”

Omega Precision is ready to show you what more than fifty years of manufacturing knowledge and expertise can do. Contact us today and put our experience to work for you.

Awards and Honors for Omega Precision

Throughout the years Omega Precision has been honored by customers for superior performance and overall achievement. The employees of Omega are proud of the recognition they have received for the continuing commitment to top quality and outstanding customer service. Some of the awards include: Superior Performance Supplier from General Dynamics, Certified Supplier Award from Rockwell International, and four-time Small Disadvantaged Business of the Year from Martin Marietta.

This recognition from the top firms in the defense and aerospace industries is a testament to the culture of excellence that Joseph M. Venegas began more than fifty years ago. Omega Precision will continue to provide the superior performance that customers have come to expect. Experience the unsurpassed level of quality and service for yourself. Contact Omega Precision today and enjoy a whole new level of precision contract manufacturing.

A Veteran-Owned Small Disadvantaged Business

Omega Precision is certified as a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) by the US Small Business Administration (SBA). All of the founders and owners are Hispanic Americans who served our country in either WWII or Vietnam. As a Veteran-Owned SDB, Omega Precision is eligible to assist you in meeting federally mandated SDB participation requirements for specified contracts. In addition to SDB status, Omega offers you a level of manufacturing expertise and service second to none.

Omega Precision has been machining complex components and assemblies for more than fifty years, and the commitment to cutting-edge technology has made Omega a leader in the contract machining industry. With Veteran-Owned SDB status and an unsurpassed level of quality and service, Omega Precision is your best choice for complex precision machining.

“Omega takes on projects other suppliers won’t touch.”

The Omega Precision Story

In 1965, Joseph M. Venegas started Omega Precision with two machines and a plan. The machines were an Omega jig bore and a Bridgeport mill. The plan was to offer complex machining of critical components with superior quality and reliability. Nearly fifty years ago this required the right combination of machining experience and technology. Many things have changed, but the fundamentals of complex precision machining remain the same. It takes a strong core of manufacturing knowledge combined with the latest in machining technology to deliver top-quality and reliability today.

“Our customer relationships are measured in decades”

Omega Precision has earned its reputation for uncompromising quality and machining expertise over fifty years of steady growth. Omega Precision today occupies over 16,000 square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space in Santa Fe Springs, California and employs thirty highly-skilled craftsmen and professionals using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Customers include some of the largest names in the aerospace and defense industries, and business relationships are measured in decades. Omega Precision is also certified as a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) by the US Small Business Administration. All of the founders and owners are veterans of either WWII or Vietnam.

“When Omega says that something is within .0001” (that’s one ten-thousandth of an inch), they are serious. And, you can count on delivery.” This is a quote from one of Omega Precision’s long-time customers that says it all. The ability to reliably perform close-tolerance machining on a wide variety of materials, both common and exotic, sets Omega Precision apart from the competition.

Omega Precision offers more than fifty years of knowledge and expertise for efficient delivery of complex machining requirements. With a system certified to the requirements of AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015, customers are pleasantly surprised with the innovative approach to manufacturing and the cost-reduction provided.

Since our founding in 1965, Omega Precision has built its reputation on the fundamental principles of uncompromising quality and superior customer service. This philosophy has served our customers well and has resulted in multiple awards from some of the world’s largest and best-known prime contractors. The team at Omega Precision is committed to continued production of award-winning products with the best customer service and delivery in the business. Please browse through our website to learn more about Omega Precision and to find out what more than fifty years of machining expertise combined with modern manufacturing technology can do for you. For more information, please contact us or call us at 562.946.2491. We look forward to serving you.

Omega Precision is a Small Disadvantaged Business

AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

“We offer close-tolerance machining on a wide variety of materials.”

What’s New at Omega Precision

Doosan DNM 750L II VMC

New Doosan DNM 750L II

May 2017

Omega Precision has added a new Doosan DNM 750L II Vertical Machining Center. This machine uses an oil-cooled spindle and axes to minimize thermal displacement for high accuracy during a variety of cutting conditions, even at high speeds. The linear motion guideways and high-speed servo motors enable fast axis movements adding rigidity, reducing non-cutting time and enhancing productivity. The machine features a 80.00” x 30.00” x 25.60” xyz capacity, a 12,000-rpm spindle, 30-tool capacity, and 1,181-ipm rapid traverse on all axes.

Our new Doosan DNM 750L II offers our customers a powerful precision-machining solution to handle your larger manufacturing requirements with speed and accuracy. At Omega Precision we are committed to using the latest in CNC machining technology to remain at the cutting-edge of the precision machining industry.

Doosan Puma 300C CNC Lathe

New Doosan Puma 300C

May 2017

Omega Precision has added a new Doosan Puma 300C CNC lathe. This heavy-duty machine is designed for heavy and interrupted cuts using solid, cast iron construction and box guideways for close-tolerance machining on the toughest materials. This machine features a 15.7” diameter x 24.8” length capacity, a 2,800-rpm spindle, 35-hp motor, and a 12-tool capacity.

Our new Doosan Puma 300C CNC lathe significantly increases the CNC turning capacity at Omega Precision, resulting in enhanced efficiency and increased throughput in our CNC lathe department. This translates directly into shorter delivery times and even better reliability for our customers. When it comes to top quality and customer service at competitive prices, Omega Precision delivers.

DMG Mori NVX 5100 VMC

New DMG Mori NVX 5100 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

March 2016

Omega Precision has added a new DMG Mori NVX 5100 5-axis Vertical Machining Center. With superior vibration damping performance and dynamic rigidity, this 5-axis, super-accurate machine tool can hold close tolerances and deliver exceptional surface finishes even during heavy-duty cutting or with tough materials like titanium or hi-temp stainless steels. The machine features 5-axis machining, a 41.34” x 20.87” x 20.08” xyz capacity, a 15,000-rpm spindle, 30-tool capacity, and 1,181-ipm rapid traverse on three axes.

Our new DMG Mori NVX 5100 provides a powerful, multi-axis precision-machining solution that interfaces seamlessly with our CAE/CAD/CAM software. You can count on Omega Precision to deliver the latest in CNC machining technology, and to offer you the competitive edge you need.

DMG Mori DuraTurn 2050 CNC Lathe

New DMG Mori DuraTurn 2050 CNC Lathe

March 2016

Omega Precision has increased turning capacity with the addition of a DMG Mori DuraTurn 2050 CNC Lathe. This high-performance machine tool is built to handle tough materials with superior accuracy. This machine features a 14.5” diameter x 20.8” length capacity, a 4,000-rpm spindle, 18-hp motor and a 12-tool capacity.

Our new DMG Mori DuraTurn 2050 CNC Lathe adds workflow capacity to our CNC lathe department and helps us maintain our excellent on-time delivery record. Trust Omega Precision to invest in the machining capacity needed to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Omega Precision Offers the Latest in Precision Machining Technology